Hello there!

I’m Brian, a roboticist/robot engineer/robot designer, human-robot interaction specialist, and researcher/scientist (publications here). I’m working towards robots that assist in critical industries like construction, agriculture, and logistics, while ensuring that robots interact smoothly and help the humans that make these industries work.

My experiences in employing robotic platforms and developing robotic devices, attachments, and routines to conduct human studies, as well as integrating my work into robotics efforts in industry, often helps me see robots from both an engineering and user perspective. Other facets of my life include teaching/mentoring, climbing, hiking, and cats!

Prospective employers: please take a look at some of my projects below and contact me via LinkedIn.

Academics & researchers: please take a look at my research overview and publications, where full text downloads and various accompanying materials are available.

Anyone/everyone: please feel free to read a little more about myself and my hobbies. You can get in touch through my contact page as well!


My portfolio is currently a work-in-progress being juggled with my dissertation, sorry in advance!